Complex networks, XY-model, Game theory, Linguistics

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September 2008: Jerusalem, Israel.

ECCS Jerusalem 2008:
The 5th European Conference on Complex Systems. Link
My presentation

June 2008: Norwich, England.

International Workshop & Conference on Network Science. Link
My presentation

October 2007: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Computational Philosophy:
Lessons From Simple Models. Link

July 2007: Genova, Italy.

International Conference on Statistical Physics. Link
My poster

May 2007: New York, USA.

International Workshop and Conference on Network Science. Link


March 2009: Geilo, Norway.

Geilo school.
Order, Robustness and Instabilities in Complex Systems. Link

July 2006: Les Houches, France.

Les Houches Summer school: Complex systems. Link

August 2005: Krogerup, Denmark.

Workshop/Summer school in Biological Physics:
Physics of Life: From single molecules to networks. Link

April 2005: Geilo, Norway.

Geilo NATO ASI school.
Dynamics of Complex Interconnected Systems:
Networks and Bioprocesses. Link

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