New interactive mapping tool: Infomap Bioregions
Infomap Bioregions available on is an interactive web application that identifies taxon-specific bioregions from species distribution data. More information in the paper Infomap Bioregions: Interactive mapping of biogeographical regions from species distributions.
Improved Infomap code available on
interaction Completely rewritten source code for multilevel community detection with Infomap. Infomap handles conventional, memory, and multiplex networks with links that are: unweighted, weighted, undirected, and directed. Infomap clusters tightly interconnected nodes into modules (two-level clustering) or the optimal number of nested clusters (multi-level clustering).
interaction I am co-founder of Infobaleen together with Daniel Edler, Andrea Lancichinetti, Niklas Lovén, Christian Persson, and Jakob Sjölander. Infobaleen is startup company that builds on our research and combines mathematical and algorithmic methods with novel interactive visualization tools. We make our customers' data work for them.
Flow of information
information Where there is life, there is information. To comprehend the important role information plays in living systems, we have to better understand how information flows through biological and social systems. Faced with a barrage of data, how should we comprehend the flow of information through biological and social systems? Can the information generated by natural selection over generations be quantified by the apparatus of information theory?
Complex networks
structure, information, and history The whole in a complex system is the sum of its parts, plus the interactions between the parts. Understanding social, biological, and economic systems therefore often depends on understanding their patterns of interactions — their networks. I am particularly interested in networks that transfer information, for example, networks of social communication and signalling networks in biology.
Complex me
structure, information, and history Yesterday a child, tomorrow a child. Same body, new thoughts. What is more fascinating than to be one own's interpreter of the world in the middle of the flow of instantaneous selves? My own self emerges in interactions with friends and colleagues, high consumption of pasta and milk, thousands of kilometers on cross-country skis, and never-ending fights against gravity on eternal mountains around the world.
Complex you
interaction If you have questions or comments and would like to interact with me? Do not hesitate, human interactions are the highest kind of self-fulfilling art in life.
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Short introduction to complex networks available in html format.
igroup Complete PhD thesis available in pdf format.
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