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Statistical physics and superconductivity
The Statistical Physics group is examining phase transitions and critical phenomena in superconductors. These phenomena are intimately linked to the properties of vortices = whirls of super-currents.
The main tools are large scale simulations of simple models as e.g. the XY model. The simulations are run both at the local workstations - currently 34 dual-processor PC:s with Linux - and at the 240-processor parallel computer at HPC2N .

Complex networks
This highly inter-disciplinary subject is quite new at our department. Complex networks are networks with both randomness and structure. Examples of such systems are abundant in nature and society: Friendship networks, neural networks, computer nets and power grids to mention a few examples. We study both the emergence and time evolution of network structure and dynamical systems on complex networks.

Mesoscopic superconductivity
The Mesoscopic superconductivity group studies physics of superconductors on a mesoscopic scale, which is intermediate between macroscopic and microscopic (atomic) scales. The research deals with the general problems of quantum transport in superconductors.
A new direction of research in the Mesoscopic Superconductivity group is related to quantum computation .

Space physics
The presence of charged particles and magnetic fields in the earth's magnetosphere leads to many intriguing phenomena. The most well known of these is the colorful northern lights, which often can be seen from Umeå. The space physics group is trying to understand and explain these processes. To achieve this it is necessary to combine several different techniques and tools: theoretical work, computer simulations and analysis of satellite data.


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